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Please email us with your questions or concerns, and feel free to copy us on any correspondence with city officials or others you may speak with about the archery range.

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Greetings,

    Saturday morning Ricky and I were met in the parking lot and informed that the range was closed to the public. We were told in a very nice way! Thanks. Glad to see the range being used and would like to comment.

    On more than one occasion we’ve had people walking their dog, often off leash and walking right through the middle of the shooting lane. These occurrences happen around 7:30 on weekday mornings. We often shoot our compound bows from as far as 50 to 60 yds out on lane 13, so this can be quite dangerous for those wandering through without notice. Let us know what we can do to be in support of your group.

    Take care,

    Jerry Ipsen
    NFAA member

  2. Thanks to Gary, Steve Lee and the rest of the PRA leadership for all the time and work they put in. Also, a shout-out to all of the joggers, hikers, equestrians, dog-walkers and birders who took our side. I hope they know their support was really appreciated.

    Get some rest,


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