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Please visit and sign the Pasadena Roving Archers’ petition to urge the City of Pasadena to keep the Lower Arroyo Archery Range open and operating as it has for the past 79 years!

Preserve the Historic Archery Range!

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    1. We hope they reconsider leaving the archery range as it is now. Our daughter Mia loves waking up at 6:30 am every Saturday to do archery. She enjoys spending time and learning new ways to improve her grouping, her coaches Jim, Terri and Aaron have always taken the time to assist and correct her technique. She truly loves this sport!
      As a parent we all know waking a child early for school is difficult let alone waking them up early on weekends. Being that she’s willing to do so for archery clearly makes a statement. Archery Rocks!

      Thank you,
      German & Stephanie Zavaleta
      Proud parents

  1. My wife loves this range and drives over an hour to visit her friends and to shoot archery. The range has always been governed with respect to the wildlife and safety first. Please keep this space with its historical background preserved. The way to do it is by allowing the PRA group to continue maintaining the area and a sport that attracts all sorts of age groups through their volunteer program.

  2. It’s very sad when people attempt to restrict others people’s activity especially when they’re not hurting anyone. I’ve been doing archery there for about a year and everyone I’ve met so far as been very respectful and caring about the park and it’s visitors.


    Rob Martin

  3. This is a 2nd home for all JOADs to practice their skills and move on to competitions. I wish to have a local range to where I can practice and enter the Olympics someday. Preserve the range for many more years to come.

  4. This should not be an issue. There are more than enough places for people to run and few places for archery. Don’t close a wonderful and rare feature invest in it.
    Personal thought, if someone runs onto the range and gets hurt by someone shooting they should compensate the archer for any therapy and gear needed. I am not an archer, I just think this issue is rediculous. I would say more but I think this covers it.

  5. Please preserve the archery range. Mis children and myself used to go for years. It was a remarcable gift for us. Learning was safe and fun. It was a community of caring and loving people.

  6. I’ve been going to the archery range for 4 months now. I’ve been improving and getting help in every step of my skills. I have met and talked with people of all walks of life. This is a very lively community that volunteers and helps when needed.

    I also have used the arroyo before for jogging, walking, and walking my dog when I lived in Pasadena for 20 years. All the complaints from the “Stewards of Public Land” are false, misleading, and use hypotheticals. I see it as a front from the over privileged and entitled. It is disheartening to think that our few select is using their energy for this while there are other more pressing needs in the world: hunger, education, and disease to name a few.

    The Pasadena Roving Archers have done nothing to limit or restrict. As a new member I was welcomed and encouraged to join and participate. The group is people enjoying their time on public land that is shared with the community and I mean SHARED. The Roving archers are a very valuable resource for Pasadena that has a clear track record that spands decades and will continue to be a great legacy for future archers and for Pasadena.

  7. I have been enjoying the free use of this public archery range for well over 20 years. Twelve years ago a photographer from the Pasadena Star News took a picture of me and my then five year old son practicing archery together. He is now a state champion! This would never have come to pass had it not been for the Pasadena Roving Archery Range. The range has a fascinating history and is an important part of our heritage.

  8. This weekend 9/6 and 9/7 I was shooting the duel in the desert at Eldorado Park in long beach to qualify to represent the California team to compete against Arizonia and Baha in October.
    I had the honor to shoot next to Raymond who is a member of your club.
    He explained to me what is happening with your range. My personnel feeling is the mayors wife should not interfer with the range, for so many years it has provided a quality service to the community and taught several ARCHERS who went on to become champions in the field of archery.

    Please perserve this historical heritage.

    Chuck (Conejo Valley Archers)

  9. What I find so remarkable about the PRA is their commitment to sharing their expertise and passion with the community (or communities – as I live 10 minutes from Pasadena). I feel that it is the essence of sharing that is the crux in this issue. One party feels that the area should be reserved for those who already enjoy the PUBLIC park, namely hikers and dog walkers. Yet, for 79 years, the archery range, which is one of its kind in the vicinity, has been available to archers. I could understand if the range was new, or that people have been seriously injured, but the fact that it’s been in existence for almost a century is testament to its importance in the community. Whomever is wanting to deprive those who have long enjoyed the access and service of the range must have an extreme prejudice.

  10. Nothing but friendly and respectful people anytime I’ve ever been to this range. Preserve this treasure not only for Pasadena residents, but most of the surrounding areas.

  11. I don’t know what these banana heads are talking about? How would they like it if somebody would sabotage there favorite sport of whatever these groups really like to do? ( under water weaving baskets ). Power to the sport of TARGET archery. Never miss another arrow guys!! Keep the range !!!

  12. I got my start in archery over 30 years ago via the free archery lessons on Saturday morning. PRA is a great club, carrying on the tradition of archery. It is good, wholesome family fun. It is a terrific sport that can be practiced by young and old, big and small, fit and disabled. Archery is a vibrant and growing sport. Pasadena should be proud to help support such a fine tradition. Preserve the archery range!

  13. Please preserve the archery range as it is. We have been hiking/walking this area for a years and only a year ago became steady archery participants. Our children who go to McKinley school rave about it to their friends. It has helped them to enjoy the outdoors in our great city even more as well as belonging to a great group of children and adults that enjoy and respect the sport.

  14. This week, I learned about this range and want to go there with my daughter so we can both take up the sport. We met a mother and daughter who use the range with their family. Timing is everything as I see a post on Facebook, just today, stating that this archery range is in danger of being lost. It is significant that this is the oldest continuously operating archery range in the country and that there have been no accidents in its history. It seems to be the norm in politics for the well-healed and well-connected to push an agenda through that is not truly based on furthering the interests of the general public, but is actually for some ulterior motive like expansionism or “opportunity” for the city. Humbug.

  15. Please allow the PRA range to continue its historical venue. My parents began shooting archery here in the 60’s and in turn have passed on the tradition to their children and many others since that time. Without a place such as this it would become very challenging to promote the sport and continue the tradition of such a great sport in this area. I see no reason or value in the removal or closing of this range and urge you to find another solution to what seem to be very small issues associated with it. I myself, wish to continue in my fathers footsteps in promoting the sport of archery and I truly hope this can be resolved in a reasonable manner for all to continue to enjoy.
    Thank you for your time,

  16. I enjoy going to the Archery with my grand kids both during weekdays and weekends; then have a stroll. Why are you changing something that has worked so well for all of us. It does not make any sense. Leave the weekdays and weekend days as it is now without changing anything.

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