Thank You!

The city council meeting went on until 2:30AM this morning, but ultimately we prevailed.  This historic archery range gets to remain intact!

Thank you all for signing the online or paper petition (nearly 4000 signatures total), and writing letters (over 150) or postcards (roughly 200) to the City Council.

Thanks to the over 200 archery supporters who made significant sacrifices of personal time to show up in person.  The gentleman sitting next to me drove 85 miles to attend.

We had amazing passionate speakers who eloquently explained just why archery and this range are so important, and politely but effectively demolished the nonsense put forth by our opposition.  We had young archers speak, including a large group of JOADs.  We had senior citizens.  We had an archer from the US Junior Dream Team.  We had a barebow world champion.  And we had numerous people who are not archers but recognized the unfairness of what was happening, and spoke out in favor of preserving the 80-year old archery range.

We packed the city council chambers.  BOTH of the overflow rooms with were overflowing with archery supporters.  By contrast, despite an organized fear-mongering campaign by archery opponents, the number of people who showed up to speak against the archery range “could fit in a minivan” as one fired-up speaker put it.

I think we were simply too big to be ignored.

A lot of us have worked on this for so many hours over so many months.  I can’t express how touched I am by all of the amazing support.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. YooHoo!!! Outstanding news. Can’t wait for the 21 or Bust shoot.

    Congratulations to all! And THANK YOU…THANK YOU for your hard work!!!

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