We Won!

It was a loooong night.  The City Council meeting didn’t end until about 2:30 AM.

But in the end, public archery won.

And I know you deserve more details, but sleep beckons.

Our supporters are amazing.  Thank you all so much.

4 thoughts on “We Won!

  1. The presentations made by the archers were logical, positive, compelling and Brilliant! Gary, you did an amazing job. Thank you.

  2. Hooray! Congrats to PRA for showing the city what overwhelming support looks like. That was an awesome turnout last night.

  3. Awesome! So glad to hear it! I did write in to the council. Unsure of how much pull outsiders would have, but wanted them to know it was more than even an important local issue — there is national history at stake here. Hoping the club is there for a good long time! Now, I just have to manage to get myself out to MY local club out here and start shooting again. It’s been quite a while, but my son is interested in starting, so…

  4. On behalf of all young girls in the Greater Los Angeles area and Pasadena, my BIG
    Congratulations and thanks to the Pasadena Archers and all supporters for preserving our historic range, public access for archers and use of the Lower Arroyo for this wonderful sport!

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